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News: Denmark’s Amjad Khan qualifies for England

It seems that associates are stuck in some kind of a time warp and there is no way out of it…. except for luck.

Denmark’s Amjad Khan, who while playing for Denmark was half their batting and bowling, has just qualified for England on the 4 year residence grounds, and is tipped to be good enough to break through into England ranks within a year. The guy is just 25 years old, so he still has a bit of time.

Now here is the well known dilemma. Associate teams are not good enough because…. well, they dont have players who are test level. But every time a player of test calibre comes up, someone who could thearatically break into aany test team today, he ends up going to an existing test country instead.

This has happenned to Ed Joyce, Amjad Khan, Eion Morgan has talked about his intentions. I have heard rumours about Kervezee being so good at this age, and that he may even be interested in moving the England way if he matures up to that level. Ten Doeschate mentioned that he is currently not thinking about it, the word ‘currently’ being the important one. Not to mention the 2 current Scotsmen who ended up playing test cricket for England i.e.  Hamilton and Dougie Brown.

In the past Zimbabwe has had similar problems. Hick we all know was a class act, but so were Kevin Curran etc. All these guys being in the team would have made Zimbabwe a much stronger team, and would have given Andy Flower a lot of respote had Hick also been in the team sharing the burden. Zimbabwe cricket board eventually convinced the ICC after Hick’s migration that the game will stagnate in the country without true international competition and that the situation was ripe for a test status.

What is the way out of this situation? There are 2-3 ways forward. One is that the country keeps on producing these guys. Sure, one Joyce got picked up by England, but what if there had been 4 guys like that with Ireland? The loss of 1 guy would not hurt them that much, but what is the gaurantee that all 4 would not try to move to England? In any case, it is not possible, or at least not easy at all, for an associate country to produce players of such quality quickly and in a bulk. Zimbabwe did not have 5 Andy Flowers !!

The second way forward is to give the serious outings to the associates. This is pretty much what the ICC is doing, but I feel it is not enough. The money, the top opposition, the big crowds, the job security, the recognition….. none of that is there, or at least as much as the player would like to have. Hence the movement towards an established test country will continue. People quote Gavin Hamilton and say that he ruined his career by getting the solitary test outing for England and then going into wilderness before coming back to Scotland. I think on the contrary. What would Hamilton have achieved playing for Scotland? A few games against county opposition? That he managed playing for his county anyway, and much better. He got a test cap and tried his luck, and certainly was a better playing than his pair showed in that game. The point is that at the end of it all, I dont think that Hamilton would be too displeased about his choices, he would probably do the same thing all over again if he could go back in time.

While the recognition part is something that comes from playing numbers etc. the money part is something that cames from an uplift in standard and scheduling of proper high profile games. The ICC is trying to fix that, but can that be done with having only associates play each other? Surely, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh have to be involved much more in this scheme of things than they currently are. Specifically the former.

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