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News: Scotland triumph….. Bermuda in the wrong league…..

It is unfortunate that the anti development forces are likely to pick up on the negatives of the ICC program due to Bermuda’s performance in the World Cup, and undo any good performance by the other associates. Bermuda are totally in the wrong league. It is not the fact that they have been losing, it is the manner in which they have been losing.

Scotland have booked the $250K, and also a spot in the 20/20 WC. That is great news for them. Unless something really strange happens, like Canada beating them today, which is actually quite possible, it looks like Kenya will also share the cake with Scotland. Bagai seems to be in great form, and he may pose a few problems for Kenya. What I find most impressive about Canada is that they are playing without Barnett, Bilcliff and Heaney, and also without Thurasingham and A Codrington, both of whom appear to be better than Cummins. I have a feeling though that the Canadian selectors will take Cummins to WI for the World Cup, just because of the fact that he has experience in those conditions, and has played in the world cups of the past.

For Netherlands to get through, they will need to beat Ireland, and then hope that Canada beats Kenya in a way that the net run rate of both Kenya and Canada is lower than them. There is only a very remote possibility of that happenning, so Netherlands should just focus on beating Ireland. Netherlands bowling has been ok in this tournament, but their batting has not been good at all, with ten Doeschate being the only one who stands up for them. Kervezee should have fired in at least one game.

For Ireland, I think they are playing with a bowler short. Johnson, Langford Smith, McCallan, Kevin O Brien, and perhaps another specialist bowler is needed instead of filling up the rest of the slots with all rounders. They have a good enough batting line up and dont really need to bat that deep down the order. Perhaps a little bit of firepower from Boyd Rankin would help them in the future.

At least the good thing about this tournament has been that Bermuda is going to get the 6th seed in the ICC trophy for 2009. That will mean that Namibia and UAE will have a better shot at that spot than they had in the past. Namibia look to be the only serious contenders of the 6th spot. I would have ranked Uganda fairly high as well, but Bermuda beat them quite easily in the warm up game.

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  1. Ram
    February 5, 2007 at 12:12 am

    I think Ireland have been quite disappointing in this tournament especially considering that they failed to defend huge totals thrice in succession…And..all the games were lost due to shabby bowling in the end overs…Ireland definitely need to look at their bowling in crunch situations or else refine their strategy if they’re to be seriously counted in the upcoming World Cup…

    Kenya have lived up to their expectations by performing well here…Before this tournament, there was the general feeling that Ireland had the best chance among all Associates to create an upset by entering the Super 8s of the World Cup but looks like Kenya now have the best oppurtunity…

    Scotland have really managed to do well in crunch situations and seem to be better served that Ireland especially in the bowling department…

    Netherlands as usual have been dependent on ten Doeschate for providing the impetus both with the ball abd with the bat…they would definitely want to prove a point against Ireland..

    Canada have been a revelation of sorts, all the more so when you take into account the absence of big names…would be really interesting to see what they’ve in store against Kenya…Btw, I think Codrington played in the last game, if not the game before because I saw his name in the bowling analysis…

    Bermuda…Well…less said the better…I imagine there are around 4-5 countries like Namibia, UAE, Afghanistan, Hong Kong and probably Denmark who are capable enough to beat Bermuda over a 5-match series under favorable conditions..

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