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News: Malaysia given a rude awakening

The U-19 teams of England, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia have been contesting an U-19 Tri Series Competition for the past couple of weeks in KL, as you all might know.

 Both England and Sri Lanka look quite evenly matched having played 3 or 4 very close games between. The expected letdown ofcourse has come from Malaysia. They have conceded an average of about 290 runs when fielding first and have scored an average of 135 runs when batting first. They even selected 3 National Team players at the last minute to bolster the team for the first couple of matches.

Obviously, as it is the first time this side with an average age of just above 17 is playing against test opposition, not too much was expected of them in the first place, and I might add, that they actually have done quite well to get both England and Sri Lanka all out on occasions, and have also done well to bat out 50 overs in some of their matches. There’s just about year left before the U-19 World Cup takes place in Feb/March next year, and the Malaysians have quite a bit of time to iron things out before then.

I would certainly like to see them playing Nepal and some of the other stronger asian Associates alot more over this year as it’ll give everyone that exposure that is so desperately craved in the Associate world…

For now though..their next task..and it certainly is a daunting one indeed..is the prospect of facing India next week..

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  1. Ram
    February 9, 2007 at 10:30 am

    Yes…Disappointing would be an understatement to describe Malaysia in this tri-series…Playing in home conditions, one would’ve definitely expected much better performances from a team that’s only next to Nepal in the Asian region..It would be really interesting to see how Nepal would perform if they were to host a similar tri-series…Hopefully, the new CAN administration that recently secured sponsorships can use the money to organize more tours…Malaysia have their work cut out if they’re to be competitive in next year’s World Cup on home soil..They must remember that if they can deliver strong performances then that can help raise the profile of the sport over there…

  2. February 9, 2007 at 12:18 pm

    I think that Malaysia were not that close to Nepal U19 team as it would appear. Nepal has close to 1 million cricketers, and every tourist that goes to that country is amazed at the amount of cricket being played in the streets…… Malaysia is a very organized approach, and I have to say that they have done very well to have the number of players/facilities that they have at the junior level……. but I dont think that they are in the Nepal/Ireland U19 league at the momment. USA U19 is also reasonably strong actually, though, its all under the wraps about who exactly the players were…… were they players who live in US, or were they just born in the US and live in test playing countries. I know that at least one of the players, Perkins or something, played for the US u19 team in the last world cup, but he is from WI, and is now trying out for the WI A or age level teams……. if someone can shed the light on this matter it would be great…….

    The most disappointing U19 team was Uganda….. they should have done much better than what they ended up doing in the WC……. 30K junior players should be able to throw up better talent than what they eventually did………

  3. Tom Lewis
    February 11, 2007 at 5:52 am

    I agree that Nepal and Ireland are probably still ahead of the other associates at Under 19 level. Ireland under 19 team for the next world cup on paper looks very strong with a number of players with the potential to play county cricket in the future. Nepal on the otherhand simply keep producing talented players, its just a question of getting some of these to progress to he next level.

  4. Guru
    February 12, 2007 at 1:59 am

    Well, Nepal is also preparing to continue the U19 performance. Now, Regional level selection is going on……so, Regional U19 game is going on…after finishing the resional level selection…they have to play for national level game to prove themself for the national u19 team…so, its a very hard to qualify in the team…..Many children is playing in the street…and ground…so…there are alot of u19 players….they have to participate each other to prove them better among their colliges……………..So, i think, if anyone missjudge Nepal should bear………………….

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