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News: Ireland crush UAE….

By an innings and 170 runs……. Boyd Rankin, who as far as I know did not play in the WCL got 5 wickets in the match, and that is probably the edge that Ireland missed in the WCL. I think that Ireland have a strong enough batting lineup that they dont really need their batsmen going all the way down the order. So it looks like one of Botha or White will have to go. On current form, after the UAE match, I think Botha will be difficult to drop. Their ideal team in my opinion is:

Neil O Brien
Kevin O Brien
Langford Smith

Now, coming back to UAE. What an enigma. They got slaughtered by Namibia in Namibia, then they managed to push Scotland to the edge (Scotland being the WCL finalists and the only team to beat Kenya in that tournament). Now they give this performance against Ireland at home. Something going on that I dont understand?

What is seeming more and more obvious is the fact that neither UAE nor Bermuda are in the top 6 associate league, though UAE probably is better than Bermuda in case they were. Namibia seems to be the only other team that is probably the number 6 ranked team in the associates.

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  1. Martin Lauritsen
    February 12, 2007 at 7:02 am

    With all the hype around Asian cricket being the centre of world cricket the associates of the continent seem to be falling behind the standards set by Europe, Africa and North America (read Canada). It begs the question, Are the strategies of the ACC working? I think not. Too many games scheduled as mismatches and not enough stronger competition for the associates such as the UAE, Nepal, Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. Also I question the wisdom of remaining outside of the ICC’s high performance program. Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi A teams should be offering competition to these associates and the running of the Asia Cup has fallen flat, to the detriment of development of Asian cricket. This is the richest cricket region in the world, it should be performing much better than it is, the fact it isn’t, at the moment, suggests that the management of funding and aid to associates and the wider cricket community is not as it should be. The ACC need to show results to back up its rhetoric in regards to development.

  2. Roland Ilube
    February 12, 2007 at 7:13 am

    Seems like UAE caught the backlash of Ireland’s frustrations in the WCL.

    I believe Rankin was in Nairobi, but seemed to have only played in 1 game and only bowled 4 overs. I don’t know whether he was injured or incapacitated in some other way (didn’t some of the Irish struggle with digestive problems?)

    Having seen Namibia up close (too close for comfort actually) I think that they are a well-organised outfit who take their cricket seriously. Their exposure in SA domestic cricket and the addition of Taibu to their ranks in due course should help them to be very competitive in the top tier of Associate cricket

  3. Tom Lewis
    February 12, 2007 at 8:48 am

    Boyd Rankin was one of three players struck down with food poisening and subsequently did not feature after his one and only appearence. From what i heard he struggled to get to grips with the conditions and couldn’t control the new ball with the significant height and pace he possessed. With his attributes he offers something different from the other Irish bowlers and in time i feel that he will develop into an automatic choice for Ireland.

  4. Ram
    February 12, 2007 at 11:55 am

    Martin…Just a comment on your criticism of the ACC…I think it’s naive to be critical of the ACC for not having a single team among the top six for World Cup 2007 or beyond…Just look at the teams taking part in this edition: Ire, Sco, Neth, Ken, Can and Ber; all countries that had a cricket culture for decades unlike any ACC associate (Nepal, Afghanistan, Malaysia) that started learning about the game only in the last decade…yet we must remember that Nepal has the best age-group side among all Associates…

    I think this warped attitude of the ICC and to a lesser extent the ACC in looking primarily at the standards of national teams while making decisions is hurting Asian nations like Nepal, Afghanistan and Malaysia who arguably have stronger age-group sides than those of some leading Associates..For ex: I would like to see what a Bermuda or Kenyan U-19 team can do when pitted against Malaysia U-19?

  5. TikoloBestAssocPlayer
    February 12, 2007 at 1:07 pm

    The irish bowlers finally perform well, Ireland have forever had a strong batting and weak bowling lineup its just too bad England will always take their players.Eoin morgan seems a sure bet after Joyce left.If the bowlers perform well they have a chance of upseting Zimbabwe and have a chance of appearing at the LG odi rankings with the full members.

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