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News: Associate ODIs v Test Nations…….

So it looks like some of the ODIs taking place between the European associates and the Test nations have been chalked out for the coming summer. All of Scotland, Ireland and Netherlands will be taking on the WI, and one of them will be taking them on once again in the final. I know that it is also possible that WI dont make the final, but that is an unlikely situation.

Then there is Scotland taking on India, and there are also reports of them taking on Pakistan. Not sure if the Pakistan match is confirmed yet.

Finally, Ireland is also taking on India and SA in 2 games. There were rumours that these are not going to be ODIs, but just warm up matches for the 2 test teams. Are these ODIs? I would think so, given the amount of press ICU is giving to these games.

So looks like Irelands is going to play 3 games, Scotland 3 games, Netherlands 1, and then one of these will play one extra game against a Test team.

There is also a Netherlands v Zim series scheduled for sometime in Sept-Oct, which I doubt will now go aheada given the Australian govts stance. Netherlands is likely to follow suit, but they would be open to playing Zim in SA I think. However, the Zim govt would not authorize it that way, just like they didnt do it for the Aus series.

It is becoming more and more of a joke for the ICC now. Aus has already declined, and it looks like NZ, Eng will at least follow suit. Pak and Ind I think have already refused to host Zim for their lack of crowd pull. ICC probably has to take the decision on Zim one way or the other, the current limbo is not serving anyone………

I am wondering why nobody is working on hosting Bangladesh, or touring Bangladesh in the coming months. Also, Kenya v Zim series is probably also something that the organizers can look at, this time in Kenya. I think that would be very important for Kenya to make a statement, or for Zim to do so.

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  1. May 18, 2007 at 3:24 am

    Ok, just a clarification that KNCB has denied that they are in any talks with Zim cricket about the proposed Oct tour……

    Also, a little confusing, but the quadrangular tournament involving WI now no longer seems to have a final.

  2. Cuen Lucas
    May 18, 2007 at 12:33 pm

    One of the really good ideas to come out of the ICC, was the handing out of the 4 year temporary ODI status, good to see the boards making the most of it.

    A question though, do you think that these countries and Kenya
    will have a considerable advantage in the WCQS because of their top level experience?

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