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News: Zim gets $12m for WC participation……..

It is strange that this this piece of news for the first time has saddenned me.

Zim, on the account of being a test team, which technically they are not, get that much money for their particiaption in the tournament, while Ireland, that stayed 1 month longer than them get around $1m for participation.

The reason why this news saddens me is because the money is being siphoned to the wrong place. Zim did not bring anything to the world cup, and they did not have any impact. We all know that the money going in is not going to do anything to the game over there. Its already below associate level, what else can happen? The players will be lost, and its not about white v black either…….

The main problem I have is that there is no reason for Zim to improve. The ICC system is such that once you become a test nation, you can make it your policy that you want to drive the game into the ground, and you will still remain a test nation and get the bigger chunk of the pie from ICC coffers.

What if the ICC were to take this $12m and give 3 million to each of Ireland, Scotland, Kenya and Netherlands? or $4mil each to the first 3? Where would that take the game in these countries? I think you can get a long term govt bond for 9-10%, and having $4mil in the bond would have given these countries a yearly income of $400K without doing anything. And when you think about the fact that these countries are at the momment running around to make up yearly revenue of that amount (thereabouts), it makes you even sadder.

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  1. May 18, 2007 at 7:01 am

    Thanks Nasir for sharing, well been long since i hover around the cricket blogs, good that i can come quite often now.

  2. neel
    May 18, 2007 at 1:50 pm

    Nasir, that’s why I was so insistent on ICC increasing number of Test Nations. When you are a Test Nation everything comes along, International Matches, Sponsorship, Telecast Rights, Advertising, Practice Pitches, ICC Grants, Professional Players, and Public Interest. The Structure can be built only after Test Status has been granted and not before that.

    A Good Example is Bangladesh who had very little Structure in 2000 but getting the Test Status meant that they had to bulid a compettive Strcuture which they did. TEST STATUS WOULD AUTOMATICALLY FORCE NATIONS TO HAVE A PROFESSIONAL STRUCTURE and would bring all the above mentioned facilities. I think once the ICC realises that it would bring about faster Development (No Test nation has been added since 2000).

    Also most people must realize Test Status is no big thing and should not hype it or be very rigorous about it. All the current Test Teams went through it. They struggled a bit and have become better teams and so they should encourage the currently weaker teams as well.

    I agree it will be difficult in places like Ireland, Scotland and co where other Sports are established to generate Public Interest but countries like Nepal and Afghanistan where the craze is there should be immediatley granted Test Status and the ICC should take care of their finances for the first few years.

  3. May 18, 2007 at 6:22 pm


    Bangladesh had a lot of things going for them…… they could fill a stadium with 40K people for a match not including Bangladesh….. they had a population of 120mil people who were crazy about Cricket….. they were the winners of the ICC Trophy, and their U19 team had beaten some test teams in the U19 WC…….

    The ICC did the right thing in promoting Bangladesh to test status at that time…… but look at all the criticism that they received for it, and all the pressure that Bangladesh had to endure, and are still enduring……..

    None of the other teams have all the ingredients that Bangladesh had….. Afghanistan has a weak age level team, and a senior team that cannot beat Hong Kong!…… the craze is there, but they have bigger infrastructure issues to worry about rather than cricket at the momment……

    Nepal has the U19 team, the craze, and no security issues like Afghanistan, but their senior team at the momment cannot even make the ICC Trophy!

    Ireland has all the other things, but no craze like Nepal or Afghanistan………..

    So Bangladesh was ahead in terms of having all the right ingredients rather than Ireland ……. even if Ireland is closer to where Bangladesh was in terms of readiness (after all they did beat them in the WC), Nepal and Afghanistan are far behind…….

    Giving test status of 50 teams is not going to do anything, but make a mockery out of the records………… and in any case, the ICCs position is going to weaken a lot if they start dividing money amongst 50 countries with only 1 of them generating 70% of it !!!!

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