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Opinion: Reading into the Kenya/ Zimbabwe game……

A couple of days back, Kenya Select XI took on Zimbabwe A in a 4 day match. Zimbabwe A ended up winning that game….. a bit of fight from Kenya, but not enough.

The thing is…… the Kenya select was not an A side, it was actually more than an A side. 7 of their players were those who have played ODI cricket for Kenya in the last 3-4 months. The Zimbabwean side on the other hand, was a true A team, with only 4 regular players while the others had not played an ODI yet in their careers.

But the Zim situation is a little hopeless one at the momment…….. agreed that the standard of play IN Zimbabwe is very low, and that the better players will have to go ahead and play abroad to hone their skills better……… that already happens with the good Zimbabwe players either going to Australian or English club cricket…….. the problem is that they take the decision about their careers and feel that playing club cricket professionally is the way to go, and either retire, or make themselves unavailable for selection for the national team……… and if that is the cycle that Zim cricket is going to follow, because there is no reason to believe that is not going to be the case, then whatever their standard is today, will be their standard in 4 years time as well…………

One more question though….. how come nobody from Uganda, that has a huge player base at the junior level , and a stronger U19 team than Kenya…… or someone from Tanzania…… does not try to qualify to play for Kenya? A couple of top players from either country coming into the Kenya ranks would help strengthen the Kenya team………. not the right way to go, but you would expect that it is at least something that players would try to do since the chances of having a proper cricket career is much higher in Kenya than in either Tanzania or Uganda at the momment…… but then again, perhaps they try to qualify for SA instead…….

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  1. May 21, 2007 at 5:18 am

    What this tour especially highlighted to me was the need for the Associates to have their own multi-day tournaments.
    Whatever the choices of the Zimbabwe players – and I think politics and survival has more to do with it than wanting a club career overseas, they at least have the Logan Cup and a domestic structure that gives them experience at First Class cricket.

    No Associate will ever be able to compete against even the weakest Full member in multi-day games, so long as the Associates only play limited overs cricket domestically.

    Regarding Ugandans and Tanzanians wanting to play for Kenya, I think it is extremely unlikely. All three have a healthy national rivalry under the East African banner and pride alone would probably stop it happening, let alone ICC qualification restrictions.

    Also, at the moment, both Uganda and Tanzania are teams on the up. Kenya should be, but continues to tread water. Kenya need to be on their guard against being overtaken – something the other two have probably at least thought about, if not set plans in place.

    From a purely selfish point of view, having the top players from Uganda and Tanzania play in the Kenyan league would be good as it would help raise the overall number of good players and hence the overall standard. It would probably also benefit those players individually, but would ultimately harm their own country’s leagues unless the players could fit in both – probably highly unlikely.

    As always, it comes down to the $$$:
    If the ICC really wanted to get the top Associates up it would do well to read your post about Zimbabwe’s 12 mill. Even a sixth of that would be enough to set up a sustainable annual multi-day comp in Kenya. All a question of priorities really…

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