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News: So close, yet so far….

If Scotland ever came close to beating a test team, this was their momment. And I would say one that they did squander. However, credit should be given where it is due, and the Saltires did manage to pull this one back from a total lost cause.

Yet, with 9 required from the last over, and with Gayle off strike. One would have thought that Scotland would pull through.

It was disappointing. Unfortunately, nobody will remember this game.

Makes me wonder whether ICCs ranking point system needs an overhaul. I mean, Netherlands and Scotland would not get anything from their games against WI, despite Netherlands being thrashed, and Scotland losing on the last ball, from a winning position.

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  1. July 13, 2007 at 6:51 pm

    I have made this point before – I think teams should still be able to garner points from matches played as full ODIs even if one or other is not on the rankings list.

    This means that Windies should have got points for beating both Netherlands and Scotland, and the latter should have the opportunity to gain points from playing Full members. As it stands, there is no real incentive for Full members to play the Associates who are not ranked.

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