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News: Scotland romp to victory against Netherlands…

An innings defeat….

Netherlands lost this game basically due to their bowling, which was a lot weaker than before due to the absense of Schiferli, Jonkman, Stelling and Reekers……. However a similar weakend Netherlands team beat Canada quite convincingly a month ago. So its all getting jumbled up….. Buurman, who we have consistently been saying should be in the team instead of Smits, was finally given the oppurtunity, but he messed it up, and ended up giving a Smits like tail ender performance.

Scotland had their full team at their disposal. Looks like they are getting serious for the 20 2o world cup and also the India ODI.

After the previous ODIs so far this summer, and the rain and the abandoned games, I am not looking forward to this one as much as before. But it should be good for Scotland Cricket to make some money.

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  1. Ram
    August 6, 2007 at 12:17 am

    With passage of time and the wearing away of novelty associated with the leading non-test teams playing FC/ODI games against each other, I think these games are starting to lose their significance in global cricket…In the absence of adequate funding from ICC, below-strength teams take the field and make mismatches out of potential classics, thus defeating the whole objective of raising standards…Also, below-strength teams fail to give a correct account of the relative standards of cricket in the respective countries…In the longer run, such games are only going to prevent drastic reduction in playing standards of one country relative to another rather than being seen as a stepping stone to top flight Test cricket…

    As if to reinforce what I said, the recent performances of India ‘A’ against Zim and Ken highlight the wide gulf existing between the leading Associates and Test A teams, especially in the longer format…Only a regular program of these 3- and 4-day games against Test A class opposition will raise the standards of an Associate to that of the current WI or 90s Zim….Logically speaking, that is possible only through adequate financial support, which I cannot give because I’m not a part of the ICC which is obviously because I speak simple logic…

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