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Opinion: PCB’s strange team selection…

I am no fan of 20 20 cricket, but I think the case for the world cup is going to be one of “any cricket is better than no cricket”….

PCB has just annouced the Pakistan team for the world cup….. it has 5 spinners: Afridi, Malik, Hafeez, Alam and Abdur Rehman……

What sort of a stupid selection is that for South African wickets? Lets see if we can make a team:


I understand that they wanted to try new people….. but Misbah over Yousaf is a little far fetched….. Yousaf is not a reliable player, but neither is Misbah….. and at least Yousaf has some confidence on his side, plus a lot of experience in South African conditions…….

Dropping Razzaq is understandable, and I am glad that the selectors have finally woken up.

The main problem is 5 spinners…. they could have easily selected an additional middle order batsman for Abdur Rehman…..

A lot of people have asked why Misbah, who is a year older than Yousaf, was selected…… this is an incorrect argument….. Imran Khan at 39 was 10 times fitter than Inzi was at 29…… Yousaf has been dropped, according to PCB, due to his lack of fitness, agility, and general sluggishness…… I dont know if that is the real reason, and even if so, whether that is really a good criteria….. after all, the fittest cricket team is the WI one…. it is arguably, fitter than Australia……..

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