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Opinion: Ramblings on the ICL issue….

I understand that the Pakistani players are professional cricketers, and that they have the right to take the decisions that are in their best interests….. but I have a question in this regard…..

Lets say that the ICC did not have any player qualification criteria for the national teams….. anyone could play for any country. In that situation too, the players would still be professional cricketers…… the same logic should apply. Would it then be ok for say, Afridi to play for India against Pakistan if the BCCI gave him much better money? Should we only be judging cricket, which involves representing your country, and has a crazy following in Pakistan, in terms of finances?

I mentioned this before that the associates are different in this regard. Pakistanis playing in the ICL, effectively stating that would ‘rather’ play for ICL than for Pakistan cannot be compared with Ed Joyce, Morgan or Coetzer. In the case of the associates, it is all or nothing comparison. In the case of the test countries, you are talking about a difference of money, and the money that the Pakistani get by playing for Pakistan is still one of the best paying jobs in the country, nearly 20 times the average household income of the country.

For Azhar Mehmood and Inzi, I agree with their decisions because their chances of selection for national team now are close to nil. Imran Farhat, one can at least understand, he wasnt a definite choice in anything. But Razzaq and Yousaf, esp the latter, who are confirmed selections in the squad for almost any tour….. should one shrug off their decision on the logic that a man has to do what a man has to do?

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  1. Art
    August 22, 2007 at 3:06 pm

    I believe the question is “Why was the ICL formed?”

    When Packer formed the so called rebal cricketers way back all those years ago there was at least something beneficial to all cricketers and that was they would be paid substantial sums of money for playing for their respective countries. For way too long cricketers in most parts of the world were paid a pittance to earn fortunes for their respective country’s cricket boards.

    That is not the case now. Good cricketers earn good money when they play for the top nations. If a cricketer is unhappy with the deal he is getting at home there is a qualifying procedure he must go through to play for another country. (Were would England be without this lol).

    The new so called ICL touting 20/20 is an interesting variation. It is bringing a short game of hit and miss to the masses. The BCCI is touted as the richest cricket board in the world and yet the conditions at many grounds for spectators are absolutel appalling. ICL with not help this at all.

    Countries are correct in denying future country status to players who sign up for ICL. Official cricket campaigns by national teams are a lot more arduous now than they were a few years ago and the toll on fast bowlers is enormous. yes I know batsmen get jaded etc but it is the fast bowlers who suffer most. So throw in another series or two and all those cricketers who spoke recently about how difficult modern seasons are will be sorted out one way or a nother.

    On the personal note the choice is whether you play for your country or play for your dollars. If you choose dollars then so be it just don’t expect the grace and favour of your country.

    However I am sure at some time a country will welcome back these rebels, much for the worst.

    I like cricket played at the various layers. Team, region, state, country and I like the current qualification arrangements. As for so called world based teams, frankly the odd World XI V a test nation is okay if there is room on the calendar.

    (Hmmm while thinking about hectic programs I have just looked at my umpiring schedule for the coming season. Finished winter last Saturday, full medical completed this week for the coming season starting in 29 days with a day nighter and then it rolls on through the summer with a few week long tournaments thrown in. Roll on summer season)

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