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News: Rod Lyall’s article on Dutch Cricket…

This is a good article by Rod Lyall in which he analyzis his own article from a year ago.

The problem about the calender is not only with Netherlands. It is with all 4 of the top associates. They have no idea what they are doing outside of the IC cup plans. At least all of them should have tried to have a series against Bangladesh, while at least Kenya should have gone ahead with a series against Zim. Although, I have a feeling that the exising Zim team might be quite strong for Kenya.

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  1. Ram
    September 7, 2007 at 10:17 am

    As for the fixtures part, whatever happened to Zim’s participation in the Intercontinental Cup? The easiest way to solve the fixtures crisis would’ve been to incorporate Ban and Zim in the competition…I don’t think finances would be an issue there since ICC bears all the travel and accommodation costs…But, having a full season of games isn’t going to be possible in the present scenario with the pittance that these Associates get in the name of HPP funding…

    As for Zim, yes I think the team they fielded against SA recently was quite a strong one, especially in the batting dept…If they can find a couple of decent bowlers, I don’t think they would be much behind Ban in either formats of the game…Of course, ALL depends on whether Zim can retain this team in the first place…

  2. Rich B
    September 8, 2007 at 11:45 am

    I don’t think an increase in matches against full members is really going to make all that much difference to the development of the top Associates, except perhaps Kenya. If anything most of them are struggling to cope with their current programmes, with regular absences due to players’ work commitments. Now Scotland have pulled out of a Tri-series with Kenya and South Africa next May because they can’t afford it.

    The big question is all about finance now, not exposure, which the ICC has increased significantly of late. Nothing will change until Associates can at least afford to field fully professional teams, and by their own admission they’re still a long way from that (except Kenya). The ICC could (and will) do more, but a substantial part of the money will eventually have to come from home-spun revenue, and that means developing more of a cricket culture at home.

    There is evidence of things moving onwards in all the top Associates except Netherlands. Lyall’s plan is all about trying to get the Dutch domestic structure to prepare players better for international fixtures. Certainly this needs to happen, but until the popularity of the game increases there they’ll continue to stagnate.

  3. September 8, 2007 at 11:57 am

    For any associate, they have to invest in tonnes of stuff, like juinior programmes, domestic programmes, maintaining facilities, player contracts, tour costs etc……. I have heard that even if ICC increases the funding substantially, they are likely to have a proviso that the funding should not go to player contracts…… even if that is the case, the associate can use ICC money for other things, while using the homespun revenue towards contracts…….

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