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Opinion: ICC’s ODI ranking system…..

Current ICC’s ODI ranking system only includes match results, and the strength of the teams. It does not cater to the margin or manner of the matchup. Scotland’s defeat to WI on the second last ball of the match was essentially the same as some other associate losing to WI by 10 wkts or 150 runs.

There is something quite wrong with this approach. FIFA, in their rankings update in 1999 used to take margins, importance of matches, regional strength and home advantage into account. in 2006, they removed some of these from their system because the rankings were not coming out as accurate.

However, Cricket is not Football. Cricket as a regular calendar and at least the ODI test teams HAVE to be play each other regularly. Even for the associates, to have an ODI status, there is a limit to the teams they would get as opposition. So the reasons why margins were kicked out of FIFA ranking system do not apply to cricket.

ICC’s ODI ranking system should be upgraded so that losers can also get points (and essentially get on the table).

The simplest method that I had in mind for this was to award the points to the loser based on this:
1 point for getting 60% of the target, or defending the score till the 30th over (60% of the overs)
2 points for getting 80% of the target, or defending the score till the 40th over (80% of the overs)

The winner will get 5 points for winning the game, and in addition to that, they can take the above mentioned 2 points if they manage to either chase before 30 overs, or dismiss the opposition before they even reach 60% of the target. Of course, the team’s relative strength should still be taken into account, and it would not be a bad idea to take the home advantage into account as well.

In fact, it would be interesting to apply this ranking system to the last 2 years of international cricket and see what kind of a table we get.

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