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About Associates losing top players …

The following is a list of the WC winning Sri lankan team in 1996. Additionally, the first value is the year in which they essentially became regular in the Sri lankan team. The year in the bracket is the official debut year

1982 Ranatunga (1982)
1984 Aravinda (1984)
1985 Gurusinha (1985)
1986 Mahanama (1986)
1988 Tilkeratna (1986/1989)
1991 Jayasuriya (1989/1991)
1992 Wickremasinghe (1990/1991)
1992 Kaluwitharna (1990/1992)
1993 Muralitharan (1992/1993)
1993 Dharmasena (1993/1994)
1994 Vaas (1994)

What is important to note is that no one can get all 11 world class players immediately within a year, and neither can teams improve and add to their available world class players without being in the same league as the best in the world. What would have happenned if every year, the one bright player that SL found would be lost to another Full Member country as there were better oppurtunities there?

Ireland first lost Joyce, and now have lost Morgan. Maybe next year or the next they will lose another player too. As a result, the Ireland team stays weak because anyone who actually is world class, needs to leave Ireland to pursue his potential and improve further.

ICC has to relax the 4 year rule. Players should be able to return to their native team after at most 1 year out of Full Member team.

The other thing, long time ago the idea was mentioned by someone else; a Rest of the World Test team which is completely on the ICC FTP calender. That will give the players the oppurtunity to play in front of big crowds, make good money, have fan following etc without having to qualify for another Test playing country. Initially, when the idea came about, my thinking was that it was not doable. But people should just think of this as any job, they would all have to probably move to UAE as that would be their base, and also where they will play home games.

One caveat that the Rest of the World Team has is qualification. Would it become a mechanism for Full Member country players to try and emigrate to Associate countries so that they can get into the Rest of the World team? I think, the ROW team will need much stricter rules, for example, if you have ever held a full member country passport, you cannot qualify for ROW. Would it have made good sense if a ROW team in 2008 was dominated by Davison, Bilcliff, Cheema, Johnston, Nannes, Hemp etc? It would be a competitive team, sure, but not what the ROW Test team was trying to achieve. In addition to never having held the Full Member country passport, you can also have residence rules for 10+ years.

Then again, there is the second caveat: player availability. If the 3 best Irish players are touring NZ with ROW for a test series, how can they make themselves available for an ODI that Ireland is playing against say, England. You may end up with the same problem. Given the fact that the ROW team might have players from 5 associates, synchronizing ROW schedule with the tours of those 5 associates so as to avoid an overlap would be next to impossible.

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