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On Zimbabwe XI beating Kenya …

Since Zimbabwe was drafted into the intercontinental cup, everyone was on thier case for not fielding their full team. The common argument at that time was that Zimbabwe will field essentially their full team, lose, and then say its just their second string team. My thinking was also the same.

But time proved that Zimbabwe full team might be too strong for the intercontinental cup. The current Zim XI team, in terms of batting, only had Sibanda from the front runners in the main team. There was no H. Masakadza, Vermulen, Taibu, Taylor, Chigambura,Utseya, Price or Coventry. If Kenya is expecting to get into the full fold of ICC, then they need to perform like this against A team of top sides, not Zimbabwe !

2-3 years ago, Kenya nearly beat Zimbabwe in a 5 match series. But Kenya overall have not been impressive, either in their A team, or their u19 team. You think about the fact taht Uganda was the best u19 team from Africa, and in the World Qualifier league, they were the almost the worst. Kenya was not even runner up in Africa u19 qualifier . They need to pick up their adminsitration, as just talk of tremendous talent is not enough. They have enough funds I think now to nourish the talent, and at least be super competitive at u19 level on the global stage.

I am reminded of a player called Nolan Clarke who appeared in the Netherlands team in the 1996 WC at the age of 47. He had been a West Indian player from the 70s.  While he did hit Shaun Pollock for an amazing six, I just hope in 10 years time Kenya is still not relying of their star batsman called Steve Tikolo.

And they are naturally atheletic and well built. why cant they find quick pace bowlers !!

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