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After yet another hiatus ….

It seems that my revival attempts every year are becoming a norm. Mostly work and personal commitments require time off following the game at the associate level, and perhaps to some extent, cricket altogether. The latter is not that unusual considering that I live in the US, where cricket is only available on pay per view at abnormal hours, and not very cheap at that.

This shall be a third attempt to revive this blog. Lot has happenned in the last 15 months. However, it looks like associate cricket is not getting any better off, feels like times are back to when I orginally started this blog in 2005. At least at that time the ICC was allowing them to play in the world cup !! Now, with the 10 teams ‘decided’ for the 2015 edition, I dont know, and I dont think the ICC does either, about exactly how those 10 will be decided. I pray and pray and pray that the 10 teams are not just the full members. That would be the most stupid world cup, given that Zimbabwe and Bangladesh havent proven themselves to be consistently better than Ireland, Netherlands or Kenya etc.

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