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A better format for a Cricket World Cup …

It is customary to blame the inclusion of the associates as the reason for a longer world cup, which for the 2011 edition is sitting at 7 weeks. The 2007 and 2003 editions were almost 2 months long tournments !

A world cup should ideally last for a month. Anything more than that, and it is not possible to follow it with the same intensity. But this has to do with some silly tournament format and also bad scheduling.

Have 2 games a day, one day game, and one day/night game. There would be an overlap of perhaps 3 hours. People can just choose which one to watch. Schedule the games in such a way that a potential “mismatch” is scheduled on the same day as a potential “thriller” (associate v associate, or test vs test). That way, if things do pan out in the expected way, then people can just switch to the potential “thriller” during the overlap period. This way the entire first round can be finished in 3 weeks.

Additionally, instead of having 4 quarter finals, the top team from every pool should go straight into the semi final, while the 2 and 3 teams should have cross games with their counterparts from the other pool to decide on the other 2 semi finalists. This way, the first round can get more exciting as 3 test teams will be knocked out. This also reduces the tournament by 2 quarter final games. This way the 2 quarters, 2 semi finals and 1 final can be finished within 8 days.

The associates don’t need to be kicked out, the tournament can be 30 days, there is an exciting game every day, and the first round is not pointless. It just needs some brains, and also, some guts to “suffer” the drop in TV rights value due to the 2 hour overlap in the games.

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