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How the schedule of WC2011 should have been …

Two things that the ICC should have done. (1) Have 2 games in a day and (2) seperate the marquee games from the potential mismatches and hold one of each every day. That would have improved the pace of the tournament, the length, and also the entertainment quality of the tournament.

There are 4 big test teams in every pool. Thats 12 games (6/pool) that automatically get the status of marquee games. Additionally, from the ranking differential list here, select the top 9 games and give them marquee status. So now you have 21 marquee games and 21 potential mismatches, and one of each can be held every day. The marquee game can be a day/night game, and the potential mismatch can be the day game. In terms of overlap and television rights, as there would be a 2 hour overlap between the 2 games in one day, the broadcasters could have chosen to cut off from the day game and switch to the night game. Since the day games were predicted to be potential mismatches, it might as well be that the game would not even need those 2 hours. Majority of the broadcasters actually, could very easily have just shown the 2 games in parallel on different subsidiary channels.

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