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How will the ICC ODI league affect the associates?

The exact format is yet to be seen, but I am assuming that the ICC ODI league will not just be restricted to the Full Members. I believe that it will include at least the top 4 associates, taking the total number of teams in the league to 14. The league will run for 3 years, at the end of which, the ICC can automatically qualify the top 7 to the WC, while 8-13 can play in the qualifying tournament. The top 3 in the qualifier will end up in the WC as well, while the bottom 1 will be pushed out to play in the next ICC Trophy along with the one team that came last in the last in the ODI league. The top 2 teams from the next ICC Trophy will be included in the next ICC ODI League.

I think this would not be a bad format. It would give the 8-9 ODI games per year against Full members that all associates are asking for. Given the additional amount of consistent games, the associates will be able to create a revenue stream and a calender for themselves. Additionally, the associates will have a pathway to the world cup; a team like Ireland can easily qualify for the next World Cup if they manage to beat Bangladesh and Zimbabwe or WI in the qualifying tournament.  Also, because of the ICC Trophy qualifiers, new associates who are rapidly improving would also have a pathway to play cricket at global ODI level. The other point is that the World Cup Qualifier tournament, it can actually be made into a revenue product, as at least 3 Full Members would have their participation at stake and would want to watch. Also, you are likely to get much more competitive games between the Test teams and the associates in this tournament. Since only 6 teams would be playing the qualifier, it can be a round robin league.

Now the main question is, am I dreaming or can the ICC come up with a league like this? Or will they just create a league with 10 Full members, and invite 2 teams from the associates to participate in the qualifier? Will counties like Australia and India agree to play/host the associates in such a league?

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  1. March 20, 2011 at 4:14 pm

    I was amused when I started reading this entry, The feeling of associates playing along with top teams was great, but I felt like I was awaken from my drea when I came to the climax. Nasir sir, that’s a very good proposal in the form of dream. I think ICC should consider it as their official qualification structure for 2015 world cup.

  2. Jashan(India)
    March 20, 2011 at 11:03 pm

    I totally agree with you that the ICC ODI league should include the associates. But there are certain issues in including them
    1. The ICC WCQ (Former ICC Trophy) is scheduled for 2013. But ICC league is scheduled from April 2011 to April 2014.
    So how do we accommodate the teams without ODI status
    2. If we take the teams with ODI status and then make them play and qualify for WC, that would mean their qualification tournament for 2011 WC would be also used for 2015.

    Instead the format of ODI league should be
    1. All 10 Test Teams and 6 teams with ODI status should play
    2. The Top 7 teams in ODI rating directly go to 2015 CWC
    3. Simultaneously the ICC CWCQ would be played in 2013. It contains 6 ODI Status non Test teams (Who are also part of ODI league) and 6 teams from the World Cricket League.
    4. Top 6 are chosen and given ODI status and will be part of next cycle of ODI League i.e Apr 2014 to Apr 2017
    5. These 6 teams and bottom 3 teams (Say Ireland come in Top 7, then they do not need to play the tournament and it becomes a 8 Nation Tournament) play for the 3 WC slots.

    In such a way the teams from WCL also get a chance. ODI status teams get exposure in ODI league and lastly top 6 Non Test teams get also get exposure against the 3 test teams.

  3. ray
    March 21, 2011 at 8:18 am

    Good points. However, the fact there’s been no mention by the ICC of Associates being included in the ODI League leaves me pessimistic. The ICC just haven’t shown themselves to be very progressive or opportunistic when it comes to expanding cricket.

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