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No associates in 2015 WC …

Wow …. after 1 month of believing that ICC will never be able to do the absolute unthinkable …. that the case for a qualifying tournament was so obvious that it didnt even need much discussion …. we get the news today, briefly after ICC said that they would be considering a 12 team world cup, that they will not only stick to a 10 team tournament, but also limit that only to Full Members.

Calling a spade a spade …. the ICC basically is giving time to Zimbabwe and Bangaldesh to become heads and shoulders above the associates before the qualifying tournament gets underway for 2019…. then it wont be an issue, just like Australia will not have any problems competing with Kenya or Netherlands to qualify for a world cup today. We will wait for 8 years, give the weak Test teams the funding and the high class opposition so that they cant be knocked out from a qualifying competition ….

Now the only thing left is to change the name of the tournament to Champions Trophy, instead of a World Cup …. The ICC has shown that perhaps, depsite the change in their name in the 60s, they have remained an “Imperial Cricket Council” … No other tournament that calls itself the world cup has taken a decision like this one in which you dont have a qualifying tournament and basically kick out 4 teams because they are too weak, and include 2 handpicked ones which are also weak because , well , they are full members. Even a qualifying tournament was unfair given the funding and playing disparitites between the associates and the full members, but at least the existance of one would have not blocked out the associates completely.

Eight years ago, Kenya was a considered the best associate team …. 8 years of no high quality competition, no encouragement, no monitoring etc has led them to the dismal state that they are in today. In 8 years time, we will also be talking about Ireland in the same way. ICC didnt learn the most important lesson from the Kenya episode, that you have to take action when the time is right. Cricket in associate countries goes backwards very quickly if the right form of encouragement is not in place. The game in both Netherlands and Denmark, and to quite an extent, Kenya, is an example of that.

A kid in an associate country is told that he cannot play cricket at the highest level. Already he is not making any money out of it, and now he is told that he can not get the world stage either. His talent may deserve it (e.g O Brien, Dockerell, Hiral Patel, C Obuya etc) … but well …. we have some buddies in the full member club, who incidently were asked to vote on whether they wanted to be kicked out ….

Given that Ireland outrank Zimbabwe in the ICC ODI rankings, despite Zimbabwe being given more oppurtunities against Full members in 2010 than Ireland have been given for last 4-5 years, this decision seems even more foolish. Ireland lost by 27 runs against Bangladesh, a game that they should have won, and that might have propelled them into the quarter finals.

Absolutely pathetic. Truly one of those things that make me wonder why I write on this blog, if the people who have an obligation to spread the game act like it is a “members only” club. The ICC has shown that it is nothing more than a summarizer of what the Full Member countries want. It doesnt actually protect the game of cricket. It just baffles ones mind that the governing body of a sport can take a decision like this. Throughout this world cup, ICC has been saying the ODI world cup is the “one that counts”, as opposed to the T20 one. India are celebrating their vicotry “after 28 years”, not after 4 years (2007 T20). There is obviously a big difference between ODI and T20, and the ICC wants to sell it one way to the Test teams, and another way to the associates.

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  1. ray
    April 7, 2011 at 4:14 am

    The ICC act opposite to the governing bodies of most other sports. They have different classes of membership, invest only minimally in developing the sport outside the Full Members an don’t take an interest in creating new markets for their product. They’d just better hope soccer (football) never catches on in a big way in India.

    Unfortunately, I don’t see what the Associates can do. They are dependent on ICC funding for their international playing schedules and for the salaries of the CEOs that are now criticizing the ICC’s actions.

  2. November 1, 2011 at 3:47 am

    Somehow ICC done biased with associates teams, but i think decision has been changed now, there will be 14 teams in ICC world Cup 2015

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