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News: Argentina annouce squad for Americas Div 1 tour

June 28, 2006 11 comments

Argentina’s squad for the August tour is:

1. Gaston Arizaga
2. Alejandro Ferguson
3. Paul Ferguson
4. Donny Forrester
5. Charles Gibson
6. Bernardo Irigoyen
7. Diego Lord
8. Billy MacDermott (Captain)
9. Steven Nino
10. Lucas Paterlini
11. Matias Paterlini
12. Hernan Pereyra
13. Paul Ryan
14. Gary Savage
15. Agustin Casime
16. Hernan Williams

Martin Siri, who is one of their top players, and Andy Perez Rivero, both made themselves unavailable due to work commitments. Siri’s exclusion will probably be a big blow to the Argentinian cause, as it is imperative that they beat Cayman Islands to qualify for WCQS Div III, and get a ranking in the top 30 cricket countries of the world.

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Opinion: Argentina’s junior progress…..

May 12, 2006 2 comments

It seems that Argentina recently toured Chile with their U15 and U13 teams….. and beat the hosts on all games in both age groups, some of them being Aus v Namibia like mismatches. I am quite impressed with Argentina's progress. How far they have imporved in standard can only be gauged by the Americas Championship Div 1 performance and also in the U19 championship next year, but I am talking about mainstreaming their game. Someone once told me from Argentina that only people with British descent play the game over there, and no body else cases. While it may be the case that nobody cares, I tend to disagree with the fact that only people with British descent are playing. I mean, take a look at the names of some their performers at the U15 level: Agustine Hussain, Sebastian Fennel, Juan Pablo Bordacahar, Marcos Orteu, Raul Fregossi, Juan Pinnilla, Nicolas Bocazzi, Santiago Irixity and Gerardo Rocha hardly sound like they are of British descent. And these were the top performers of the tour.

Same is the case at the U13 level. Franco Martinangeli, Juan Querel, Augusto Mustafa, Federico Mollo Pintos, Gaston Matlob, Federico Fernandez Rouyet, Francisco Jara, Ignacio Abal, Gaston Basualdo are not British descent names, though some of them is a very strange mix of South Asian Muslim and Hispanic names.

Perhaps they are all of British descent with Hispanic names, but I would be surprised if that is the case.

I am a little surprised at Chile folding up so easily against Argentina; I used to think that they are get much better every year. But it looks like they have a way to go.

Argentina national team too has some names that sound like they are ethnically argentinans and not of British descent. Gaston Arizaga, Matrin Siri, Perez Rivero, Diego Lord, S Nino look to be of Argentinan descent. Most of the team is argentinian born anyway.

Off course, it goes without saying that that I may be all wrong, because all that I am doing is reading names.

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News: Argentina qualify for Americas Div 1…

April 9, 2006 1 comment

Argentina has beaten Bahamas to win Americas Div 2 title and proceed to Div 1. From Div 2, Belize have been relegated to Div 3.

Argentina was always the strongest team in this division and I was actually surprised at why they are playing with the rest of these teams anyway. But it looks like Americas Region did not want to have a tournament bigger than 5 team in any division. In Div 1, Argentina is likely to lose to Caymans Island and end up NOT qualifying for the WCQS Div 3, which would officially put them out of reckoning for a ranking in the top 30 cricketing countries of the world. I would have loved to see an Italy v Argentina cricket match in WCQS Div 3. Argentina however, is a good omen for the ICC, and they should take some interest in it. Not only is it NOT an old colony of England, but their players are primarily Argentina born. Their U19 team is totally Argentina born, and in the Americas region, the perhaps have the higest number of junior involvement after Canada. Not to mention the country has 40 million people, and it will be good to have a strong cricket playing country in a region (South America) where cricket is nothing but as strange as Curling in Pakistani villages.

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