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News: Bangladesh chalk out tour plans for Ireland….

December 8, 2007 12 comments

The details are here, but Bangladesh have essentially offerred Ireland a longish tour. 2 four day games, 2 three day games, and 3 ODIs. This is likely to be a 3-3.5 week long tour.

Also, it has been decided that the 20 20 championship will have a qualifier, instead of selecting the top 2 ODI teams from the associates.

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News: Ire/Sco/NZ to play triangular….

October 3, 2007 3 comments

I think this triangular has been scheduled for a while. As far as my memory goes, this was originally supposed to be Kenya, NZ and Sco in this tournament. There is a mistake in the news article stating that this will be the second ODI by Ireland against a test nation, I think they wanted to write that this is the second ODI by Ireland against THE test nation (the test nation in question being NZ).

I thought after this year’s 4 nation tournament with the WI, that that is the format ICC is likely to follow for next year as well. I would have thought that Netherlands would also have been part of this tournament. one has to remember 2 things though. Firstly, that Sco made an effort themselves to be pushed into this year’s tournament, and secondly, that there is also SA coming in the first half of English summer, and that ICC may be having them visit Ned.

Coming to this tournament, there should have been a final I think. It should have been a 4 match series, rather than a 3 match one.

Why doesnt the ICC try to get Bangladesh or Zimbabwe to tour these countries during the summer? There may be opposition in touring Zim, but I dont think there is opposition in hosting Zim. Even Australia said that they would have no objections in playing Zim outside of Zim. And its not like Bangladesh and Zimbabwe have too hectic a schedule, esp Zim, who arent doing anything really 🙂

Opinion: Verdict on T20

September 21, 2007 20 comments

Firstly, lets not beat around the bush. T20 is the only way in which Cricket can get into the olympics. This has been the official response from the Olympic committe as well a few years ago, when they did not see that ODI was schedule friendly. So thats one main reason for looking at T20 favorably. Once the sport gets into Olympics, in many countries the govt funding increases dramatically, even if the interest in the masses is not that great. Already we see that T20 has become part of the Asian games, I think in 2010.

T20 is also targetted towards the people who think that 8 hours is too long for a game. I dont really understand that theory though. You dont HAVE to watch the full 8 hour game. You can watch only the 3.5 hour second innings. In any case, once you are addicted to the game, the 8 hour game does not look very long. And you have to understand that Cricket season is not like an MLB season with a lot of games within 3  months. There are only 20-25 games every year, and some of them are not even followed by the fans due to either telecast issues, or timing issues. In any case, the argument is there.

Now we get to the final part. T20 is very non serious cricket. It just is. A couple of bad overs (only 1 if you are Yuvraj Singh) can make you lose a match, and a couple of good overs, from the bat of Jayasuriya, or Afridi, or even the Bangladeshi batsmen can make you win. Once the team gets derailed, there is no chance of getting back. In ODI, if you go down at 50/5, someone can still have a partnership, and perhaps crawl to 210 in 50 overs. Then the bowlers will have something to bowl at. In t20, if you need to score at least more than 120-130, becuase anything less or equal to that, and the side batting second, with 10 wickets, should easily make the target (unless you dont have any brains like SA against Ind).

The other fallacy in terms of defining what is fun in cricket vs what is not is that lots of 4s and 6s will make it exciting. Thats baloney. A close contest makes it exciting, nothing else. And in any case, the contest should be between bat and ball, not bat and bat.

Last year there was the Pakistan India ODI series in which there were some of the flattest pitches that you would ever see. The problem with those games was that safe scores were those in excess of 320. A score of 280 was eaily chased down. Thats stupid becuase if the team batting first has to face morning conditions and goes through 15 overs being cautious, they have just lost the game. They can slam bang in the rest of the overs, and unless exceptional scores are made in those, they have lost the game. All the games were quite boring despite a lot of 6s and 4s being hit.

ICC has recently started that they want to jazz up the ODI by introducing free hits in them. Thats not good. If you want to experiment, things like this, or that super sub rule, should be limited to T20. 50 over cricket should stay with the roots of the game in terms of rules, the only difference being that the innings has been limited to 50 overs.

One thing about Bangladesh. When Bangladesh beat WI, there was someone on Cricinfo who got carried away and wrote “Bangladesh will reach the semi final of t20 WC. You read it first here”. This statement is pretty much “in your face” now. Bangladesh dismissed Gayle for 0 on the thrid ball of the innings. Scotland would also have won against WI in the summer in an ODI if they had been able to do that. But the point is, that Bangladesh will probably be able to beat WI in an ODI these days as well, provided that there is some series scheduled. Chances are higher if the series takes place in Bangladesh. ICC has to do more to get Zim and Ban to play WI and Eng, while also getting the top associates to play Zim and Ban. There is no movement by the ICC to do either at this point in time, and thats bad.

So the verdict is, I hate T20 cricket. But it is here to stay. Not too sure about what the older generation said in 1975 when the first limited overs world cup was played. It was 60 overs btw, the game lasted 9 hours.

News: Kenya bt Bang, Zim beat Sco in t20 warm ups….

September 9, 2007 1 comment

Interesting that Kenya beat Bangladesh after the disasterous tournament at home in which they lost to both Uganda and Bangladesh. This was a decent victory as well, by 6 wkts. There was only 1 ball left though, but Kenya would be happy at the fact that they dismissed Bangladesh in 16.3 overs. This was the full Bangladesh team I think, they werent resting anyone.

On the other hand, Zim also went past Sco with relative ease, though not a one sided competition.

It should be noted that Bangladesh beat Sco a couple of days ago with ease.

News: Kenya, Pakistan, Uganda and Bangladesh confirm series….

August 25, 2007 4 comments

A 20 20 tournament before the championships. I would be interested in seeing the match up between Pakistan and Uganda. Uganda SHOULD be outplayed, but it would be interesting to see how they can cope with Shoaib Akhtar, Umar Gul and Mohammed Asif.

I think this is a good omen for Kenya….. once again….. They have not had any ODI since the world cup, but they have had some interesting tours. Uganda ofcourse have been benfitting a lot from Kenya’s increased cricket activity.

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Opinion: Whats up with Bangladesh?

July 3, 2007 5 comments

89 all out in the first test….. now 62 all out today in the first innings against Sri.

Sri lanka is no joke. Perhaps Bangladesh standards would have been better judged if they had played England or WI in Bangladesh. But 62 all out in similar conditions to home is once again going to bring up the question about when the country has been given a long enough run in test cricket, or why Bangladesh cannot hold up at this level after 7 years of top flight.

To be fair, they had an away series against Pakistan in 2003 where they nearly won a test and played well in the others. Then last year, they nearly beat Australia in a test. They also did very well against Sri lanka at home, though lost both games.

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News: Bangladesh scrap past Canada

February 28, 2007 10 comments

Canada lost it from a winning position really…….. Bilcliff and Barnett took them to nearly 200 for the loss of 1 wicket (effectively 2), but the new batsmen could not cope with the run rate……….. eventually they lost by 13 runs chasing 278. That is quite good, given that Canada is not the top associate.  Cummins did well with the ball taking 3 wickets, a couple of them in the second over of Bangladesh innings………. but Samad being retired hurt in the first over of their chase probably pushed Canada back….. the injury may have been severe because he didnt come out to bat after the main partnership was broken……….

btw…… why all the fuss about the warm up matches in the WC? Are they official ODIs? I would think not…….

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