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News: Malaysia not second best in ACC U19?

August 25, 2007 51 comments

I am jumping the gun, but the 2 semi finals have been decided in the ACC U19. It is Malaysia v Nepal, and Afghanista v UAE. The match ups are courtesy of Afghanistan’s upset victory over Malaysia on the opening day of the tournament.

Now lets say Afghanistan and Nepal make it to the finals, then Malaysia would still get qualification while one of the others would get left behind. While this is unfair, I am still ok with the fact that Malaysia being the hosts of the U19 WC should be featuring their team. What I am not ok with is that the fact that one of Nepal or Afghanistan may be left out, while Bermuda and PNG have made it through to the World Cup. I would think the standard difference is just too much in that case, and there should be a second shot for the losing ACC team by playing Bermuda or PNG.

Additionally, the funny thing is that Scotland will have a go at the qualifying ACC team. Why has that special consideration being made?


News: Ireland do the expected…. thrash Bermuda…..

August 25, 2007 7 comments

After Netherlands beat Bermuda by an innings, I dont think anyone was expecting any improvements from Bermuda……

I think Bermuda v Namibia, and Bermuda v UAE will be the ones to watch. I am expecting that if the current state of affairs persists, Bermuda is likely to end up at the bottom end of the pile. Maybe vs UAE, Bermuda will come out on tops ….. but under the current circumstances, I think Namibia is the true deserver of the 6th top associate spot.

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News: Netherlands chase down Bermuda inside 20 overs….

August 21, 2007 Leave a comment

Once again, I am a little speechless…….. the same thing happenned all over again……… good Netherlands opening, terrible Bermuda batting, Bermuda outclassed, and Zuiderant failing.

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News: Dutch beat Bermuda by 172 runs…..

August 18, 2007 3 comments

This is just bad….. I cannot make any comments….. there is a lot of talk about Clay Smith and Saleem Mukaddem missing…….. Clay Smith is quite old now, and may retire, while Mukaddem has already retired…….. so this is what Bermuda is likely to be in the future……… Losses like this to Netherlands coupled with losses against Denmark as well earlier…….

Intersting to see De Grooth/Kervezee having another succesful partnership for Netherlands……. and also interesting to see Zuiderant failing for the 10th consecutive time ! What is wrong with him?

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News: Denmark beat weakened Bermuda…

August 10, 2007 6 comments

Actually….. its not Bermuda….. its essentially Bermuda A…….. most of their big players from the world cup were missing, but Kevin O Brien was there, who being their best bowler was still left out from the World Cup squad due to disciplinary issues……

If you think of it as Bermuda A, then Denmark did not do anything special…… I dont have access to the scorecard, so I am not sure exactly who played for Denamrk and whether all of those who played actually qualify for Denmark either……

Still it makes interesting headline 🙂 I think both Ireland and Holland will eat the Bermudans for lunch…… and then dinner too……

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News: Kenya eat Bermuda for lunch

January 29, 2007 14 comments

What a thrashing…… chasing down the total in 18 overs without the loss of a wicket. Bermuda would have wanted such a scorecard against a big test team, not against Kenya. Bermuda is getting more and more hopeless by the day, being unable to stand up, and even be counted against Kenya.

Lets see how the rest of their tour goes.

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News: Bermuda to warm up in Trinidad for WCL ….

December 29, 2006 Leave a comment

The itenerary is as follows:

January 8 – Bermuda depart
January 10 – Bermuda v Wanderers CC.
January 11 – Bermuda v Clarke Road United
January 16 and 17 – Bermuda v Clico Preysal
January 19 – Bermuda return
January 24 – Bermuda depart for World Cricket League tournament in Nairobi, Kenya

One has to hand it to the Bermuda board for getting the tours, and financial aspect of their newfound top flight cricket status in good order. Probably the only other country challenging them in this regard is Kenya. Both have money for tours, fully contracted national squads, and both HAVE toured in 2006 a lot.  However, their standard is pretty low, and it seems unlikely that they will improve in that in the short term. But that does not mean that they cannot carve out a niche for themselves against more realistic opposition at the momment.

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