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Canada making new league? With a baseball player?

December 31, 2007 9 comments

3 international players and 1 baseball player?

But I like the 4 city based teams…… for once they are trying to create a single league covering all of Canada. I dont know the authenticity of this link

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News: UAE destroyed by Canada…

July 9, 2007 3 comments

Last year, UAE lost to Namibia in a similar manner…… looks to me like the world rankings are pretty much correct, with UAE not being able to fare well against anyone away from home….. in fact, the word that I should be using is woeful……

UAE players are pretty much professional players….. some of them have been called in especially to play cricket from the subcontinent….. such performances do not make sense against amateurs……

Somehow, ,not only at home, but also away, they match up with Scotland…… thats a bit of an enigma…….

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News: Bangladesh scrap past Canada

February 28, 2007 10 comments

Canada lost it from a winning position really…….. Bilcliff and Barnett took them to nearly 200 for the loss of 1 wicket (effectively 2), but the new batsmen could not cope with the run rate……….. eventually they lost by 13 runs chasing 278. That is quite good, given that Canada is not the top associate.  Cummins did well with the ball taking 3 wickets, a couple of them in the second over of Bangladesh innings………. but Samad being retired hurt in the first over of their chase probably pushed Canada back….. the injury may have been severe because he didnt come out to bat after the main partnership was broken……….

btw…… why all the fuss about the warm up matches in the WC? Are they official ODIs? I would think not…….

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News: No Barnett, Billclif or Thurasingham in Canada squad…

December 15, 2006 Leave a comment

The squad announced for the Kenya triseries (seems like this is still on) and the WCL is:

1. John Davison ( Captain) BC
2. George Codrington (Vice Captain) ON
3. Desmond Chumney ON
4. Sundeep Jyoti ON
5. Qaiser Ali QB
6. Don Maxwell ON
7. Abdool Samad ON
8. Kevin Sandhar BC
9. Henry Osinde ON
10. Austin Codrington ON
11. Ashish Bagai ON
12. Ashif Mulla ON
13. Sunil Dhaniram ON
14. Umar Bhatti ON
15. Anderson Cummins ON

The surprise inclusion is that of Anderson Cummins, the former WI pace bowler who used to play ‘4th’ fiddle to Ambrose, Walsh and Bishop during the early 90s. He is 41 years old. The other thing is that if Billcliff and Barnett are not available for something as important as the WCL, which determines not only standings going into the world cup, but seeding for the 2009 ICC Trophy, and also is a qualifying tournament for the Twenty20 World Championships in 2007, then one would need to ask why.

At least Davison is back.

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News: Kenya to host Scotland and Ireland in triseries

December 15, 2006 5 comments

The only thing I am confused about is the timing. As far as I know, there was already a triangular series scheduled between Kenya/Canada and Scotland before the WCL in January. Has Canada been replaced in that triangular series with Ireland? Or is this a new triseries?

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News: Netherlands beat Canada

December 7, 2006 2 comments

…. but after a fightback……

Looks like Qaiser Ali ended up making a case for himself….. now Andy Pick has a bit of a selection to do. A team combination has to be made out from the following batsmen:

Barnett, Bilcliff, Chumney, Samad, Qaiser Ali, Jyoti

The following all rounders:

Dhaniram, G Codrington, Maxwell, Davison

and the following bowlers:

Bhatti, Osinde, Sandher, Thurasingham, Austin Codrington

Bagai has the keeper batsman spot, no threat there. If they were to select 3 specialist bowlers, 2 all rounders, and 5 batsmen, I think their team would be ok. My picks are in bold (also manages 2 spinner and 3 seamers), though it is unlikely that Canada would drop G Codrington.

Regarding Netherlands, good to see De Grooth getting some runs, and interesting to see Van Bunge who keeps on picking up wickets very consistently. His performances so far have been quite decent with the ball, but below par with the bat. I think that county contract may not materialize.

Netherlands has been all about the “ten Doeschate show”. I am a little surprised, because Netherlands was never really based around ten Doeschate until AFTER the ICC Trophy 2005. The other players have started under performing for some reason after that, and now in every game, it is essentially ten Doeschate who is single handedly making the game, both with bat and ball for the Dutch. The one time ten Doeschate failed, in the last game against Bermuda, Netherlands got skittled out for 91 runs !

Canada now has a triangular series against Scotland and Kenya, but Netherlands has nothing till the World Cricket League Div 1, and if that is the only match practice they will be doing before the World Cup, then the others are going to be in better shape than them. Lack of games for the Netherlands national team has been a chronic problem that KNCB has been unable to address.

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News: Netherlands scrap past Canada…

December 1, 2006 5 comments

A victory by 1 wicket, and that too after the last wicket had to play out of their skin to put on 27 runs, would not do Netherlands proud, but would make the second string Canadian team very happy. As far as I can see it, the 3 people going out from the current Canadian team would be Mulla, Qaiser Ali and Sandher. In their place would come Davison (both as frontline spinner and opener), Bilcliff and Barnett. I also see Maxwell being dropped for a frontline seamer in either Austin Codrington or Sanjay Thurasingham, possibly the latter.

Now, the rankings. Bermuda seem to be at the bottom of the pile at the momment, even Hemp is unable to bring them up (although they can throw a spanner in the works by beating Netherlands today!). Ireland is at the top, with Scotland a close second. The other 3 remaining spots are iffy. One has to note that Netherlands nearly destroyed Kenya in the intercontinental cup in March, and since they beat their A team by 100 runs, at that time had the scheduled ODIs gone forth, Kenya might have been at the receiving end. Kenya in turn anhilated Canada IN Canada. That Canadian team may not have always had the best players, but neither did this bunch that beat Bermuda 2 times and ran Netherlands so close on both occasions.

I would rank them in the following way, but keep in mind that more games are needed between these 3 for a better ranking:


Canada may have been playing with second string, but Netherlands also were missing both Reekers and Schiferli, and for today’s match Kervezee as well.

The good thing about Canada is that everyone has contributed. Netherlands have relied heavily on ten Doeschate, who is yet to fail on this tour. It would be interesting to see what happens when does !

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