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News: Ireland beat Italy

August 7, 2006 4 comments

Italy has been disappointing overall in this tournament….. while many would have expected them to give a performance as good as the Danes, they havent…… Against the Irish today, they were dismissed for 79, and then the Irish managed to win in 12.2 overs. When the Danes played the Irish, at least there was one good batting performance by Carston Pederson, and at least their bowling did the trick. But Italy have absolutely nothing to take out from this defeat.

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News: Scotland beat Netherlands on 2nd last ball….

August 6, 2006 3 comments

But it was a 20/20 match, so I would not read too much into it….I think the game was inconclusive, although, it asks the questions about what is happenning…… Scotland beat 3 counties in C&G Trophy, Ireland only 1. Ireland have now beaten Scotland, and Scotland and Netherlands seem to be at par with each other…………

In the other game in Div I, Denmark beat Italy with Klokker failing once again……. Though, I would have to say that Italy did not look that far behind Denmark, and it was not a total outplay like one would have expected…… time to see what the difference is between the top team from Div II and the last team from Div I….. hopefully ECC can find out the answer to that question fairly soon through some tournament and we dont have to wait till 2008 Euro Div I….

Bigger surprises have come in the 2nd Division….. Greece has thrashed Guernsey by 9 wickets, which once again puts Bermuda’s standards under scrutiny………… what I really liked about Greece was that the wickets were taken by Goustis, Tousis and Kontarinis…… while the runs were made by Koutsofis and Maraziotis…. all mainstream Greek players……in fact today they even dropped one of their expat players to make their team stronger…… you dont see that happenning too much in European associates…..

Jersey beat Norway, the favorites…… and this makes me think that Greece may have a tougher semi final than the final…… Israel beat France…… and Gibraltar bounced back to beat Germany….. so all 4 games ended up being upsets…… I dont remember the last time I saw a tournament with so many upsets in the first 3-4 days…..

News: Ireland beat Denmark, Netherlands beat Italy…

August 4, 2006 6 comments

I am not surprised at either result, but I am surprised at the pathetic manner in which the losing sides played.

First, Netherlands beat Italy…… expected…… by 140 runs…… not expected……

Netherlands made 317 runs, and Italy could muster only 177 in reply, out of which 51 were extras. Something for the Netherlands to think about, because even Italy gave only 18 extras. Secondly, Stelling…… what the hell….. 7-0-51-0…… I think his time has come, Netherlands should not take their policy of holding on to old horses all the time. 2 of them are enough in the team at the momment in Van Troost and Smits…… cant have a 3rd liability as well…… If the other pace bowlers are never going to be tried, then they will never improve………….

Italy….. Scuderi was not playing, but I thought they were a better team than this….. Highest score coming from Puccio, who, if I am not mistaken, is an Australian who is of Italian origin, pretty much like what John Davison is to Canada……. There is nothing to say about their performance, it was comprehensively pathetic…..

Ireland smashed Denmark by 99 runs….. firstly, Denmark’s bowling was quite sharp….. 10-0-36-2 for Thomas Hansen, and good efforts by both MJ Hansen and Z Shah as well. Plus they managed to bowl out Ireland, something that even England could not achieve 2 months back, in 45 overs for only 209…… good performance and they must have thought they were in with a chance at that point….

But they got dismissed for 110….. Carston Pederson made 65*, last man Kanaiya made 11, and none of the others could get past 6 runs. Thats absolutely crap. This was the full Danish team played, with only Borcherson getting injured so they played with 1 batsman less, but Borcherson is not their top player, so I dont know what he could have done anyway. The only person missing from this lineup was Kopperholdt, but he is a bowler, and Danish bowling was pretty good anyway….. I think they can also drop Baljit Singh for the next match now that Klokker is keeping wickets….. Rasmussen or Hamid Zaman may need to be tried out.

Denmark….. with all its limitations has at least one thing going for them….. their best players, or at least those considered to be so before this match, are all 23 years old or less…… this includes Klokker, Z Shah, M Pederson, Hamid Zaman, Yasir Iqbal and Malcolm Johan Hansen……..

Of course, they have to at least start putting a better on field performance than this…….

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News: Italy annouce squad for Euro Championships 2006

July 19, 2006 1 comment

The 14 man squad is as below:

Joe Scuderi (Captain), (Australia)   
Alaud Din, Pianoro CC
Alessandro Bonora, Western Province CC (SUD AFRICA)
Andrea Corbellari, Brackenfell CC (SUD AFRICA)
Troy Crosland,  Pol. Gambassi
Edoardo Gallo,  Gallicano CC
Samantha Ketipe, Pianoro CC
Hemantha Jayasena, Pianoro CC
Nicholas Northcote, Pianoro CC
Gabriele Passaretti, Gallicano CC
Kelum Perera, Trentino CC
Nicola Puccio, Old Paradians (AUSTRALIA)
Francesco Scarponi, Gallicano CC
Valerio Zuppiroli, Pianoro CC

I can see that they have about 4 test country expats (Alaud din, Jayasena, Perera, Ketipe), and about another 4 test country imports (Puccio, Scuderi, Bonora and Corbellari). So essentially only 6 local players are in the team. Lets see how good they are against Denmark. The age of these players is also a cause for concern in my opinion. Scuderi, who is the Tikolo of Italy, perhaps is 38 years old.

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