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News: Kenya get $445K sponsorship

December 12, 2007 2 comments

EABL has committed to support Cricket Kenya with $445K (Sh 28 mil) over the next 4 years. This is about $110K per year. Not bad at all.

Now perhaps Kenya can play some cricket ! Maybe more than 1 game every 2 months!

Kenya already has Ihsan as their sponsor, and also the agreement with Nimbus Productions.

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News: “Uganda can play ODIs”

October 3, 2007 16 comments

This is a weird piece of news, primarily for 2 reasons. Firstly, Africa Cricket Association is trying for 3 more ODI status teams in the next 6 months? Thats very ambitious, and totally out of the blue. The second reason is the lesson learn from the case of Bermuda. There is little point in pushing a country up the ladder that is not really ready. They dont swim in the deep waters if they dont know how to swim in the first place. Bermuda beat Uganda by 100 runs in 2005 ICC Trophy, and currently, Bermuda is in Div 1, while Uganda has not even confirmed their place in ICC Trophy for 2009. So this is quite premature. Maybe the ACC was giving a popular statement, but this is very specific to be one. He could have gotten away by just saying that Uganda are on the right track or something like that.

What they need to do in Africa is to have a tours programme between Uganda/Kenya/Namibia, and then between the winner of those and Zim/SA. Interestingly, Kenya hasnt had much out against Zim since their tour 2 years ago, and they havent had anything against SA……. I am sure 1 ODI series of 3 games is not that difficult to achieve with Kenya hosting, especially now that Nimbus has the rights for those games. Ken/SA can achieve some following amongst the 1.5 billion viewers of cricket if it is free on TV.

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News: Kenya to start national league….

September 21, 2007 13 comments

They have been saying this for a while now, but one hopes that this is the real deal given that they have now given a date of November to start the proceedings.

What I like most about this league is the fact that they are going to limit themselves to 4 teams, and that most likely, they will split up their 16 or so contracted players amongst these followed by the locals making up the rest. This format is generally considered the better one, otherwise, 1 team having 7 national team players playing against another which has only 1 is neither good for player development, nor for the entertainment value of the game. This method ensures that the best players will play each other at least.

CK tries to address the issue of the 3 day matches as well, but I am not very convinced about that answer. Some sort of a match allowance needs to be given to the players who are not centrally contracted, and that will make them think about taking time off work or doing something else to incorporate the league within the schdule.

The alternative is to have 2 day cricket, with 100 over innings. Thats not that bad either, and is better than not have any multi day cricket. The final alternative is to have 4 day cricket, split over 2 weekends. I am not sure what the weekends in Kenya are, I am assuming that they take Sat and Sun off. Yet another alternative is to limit the domestic league to 50 over and t20 formats, while having the national squad participate in Zim domestic, like this year. If Kenya had thrashed every Zim domestic team, which many of us thought they would, it would not have been an option, but it looks like Zim domestic teams are not that weak in front of Kenya full squad. After all, what participated in the Zim domestic this year was more than the Kenyan A team.

What Kenya should also do is to incorporate good players from Uganda into the league. I am quite sure that the top 4-5 players from Uganda are better than many of the Kenyan players, and incorporating them will only raise the standard. In addition to that, the chances of getting funding from ACA is also higher for the league now that the neighbouring countries, and the region as a whole, is involved.

Btw…. a question is. There was no 3 day cricket before either. How was Kenya able to produce Tikolo, Odumbe, Odoyo, M Suji, Otieno, Shah all together? All these guys were ODI standard players, and were probably better than many Kiwi players. But the talent went mostly to waste because both the KCA and the ICC did not time their moves correctly and expose them to better cricket. I dont see anything like that now in the curent Kenyan team. Mishra, Ouma, Obanda, Odhiambho… are pretty much associate level good players, not even exceptional at that level.

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News: Kenya the terrible……

September 12, 2007 8 comments

I am not sure what exactly the problem is with Kenya. One day, they will come out and beat Sri A, then lose to Uganda, then beat Bangladesh, then lose to NZ in the manner that they did today. It was the shot making of the last 2-3 batsmen, with 4 overs still to go, that was baffling. First of all, getting down to 1/4 is pretty bad, and quite difficult to recover from.

Pakistan used to be , and maybe still is, the most unpredictable cricket side. So much so that people always wonder which Pakistan has turned up to play. Kenya vary too much between Bermuda and Bangladesh standards 🙂

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News: Kenya bt Bang, Zim beat Sco in t20 warm ups….

September 9, 2007 1 comment

Interesting that Kenya beat Bangladesh after the disasterous tournament at home in which they lost to both Uganda and Bangladesh. This was a decent victory as well, by 6 wkts. There was only 1 ball left though, but Kenya would be happy at the fact that they dismissed Bangladesh in 16.3 overs. This was the full Bangladesh team I think, they werent resting anyone.

On the other hand, Zim also went past Sco with relative ease, though not a one sided competition.

It should be noted that Bangladesh beat Sco a couple of days ago with ease.

News: Uganda beat Kenya by 2 wkts…….

September 2, 2007 28 comments

Uganda have just beaten Kenya by 2 wkts…….. Uganda looked to be coasting at one point, but then a collapse saw Kenya having the upper hand. In the end, 25 year old Nandi Patel hit 32* to see his side through…….

Looks like Kenya is going to get the coveted 4th position in this tournament in their backyard.

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News: Kenya, Pakistan, Uganda and Bangladesh confirm series….

August 25, 2007 4 comments

A 20 20 tournament before the championships. I would be interested in seeing the match up between Pakistan and Uganda. Uganda SHOULD be outplayed, but it would be interesting to see how they can cope with Shoaib Akhtar, Umar Gul and Mohammed Asif.

I think this is a good omen for Kenya….. once again….. They have not had any ODI since the world cup, but they have had some interesting tours. Uganda ofcourse have been benfitting a lot from Kenya’s increased cricket activity.

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