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News: Ire/Sco/NZ to play triangular….

October 3, 2007 3 comments

I think this triangular has been scheduled for a while. As far as my memory goes, this was originally supposed to be Kenya, NZ and Sco in this tournament. There is a mistake in the news article stating that this will be the second ODI by Ireland against a test nation, I think they wanted to write that this is the second ODI by Ireland against THE test nation (the test nation in question being NZ).

I thought after this year’s 4 nation tournament with the WI, that that is the format ICC is likely to follow for next year as well. I would have thought that Netherlands would also have been part of this tournament. one has to remember 2 things though. Firstly, that Sco made an effort themselves to be pushed into this year’s tournament, and secondly, that there is also SA coming in the first half of English summer, and that ICC may be having them visit Ned.

Coming to this tournament, there should have been a final I think. It should have been a 4 match series, rather than a 3 match one.

Why doesnt the ICC try to get Bangladesh or Zimbabwe to tour these countries during the summer? There may be opposition in touring Zim, but I dont think there is opposition in hosting Zim. Even Australia said that they would have no objections in playing Zim outside of Zim. And its not like Bangladesh and Zimbabwe have too hectic a schedule, esp Zim, who arent doing anything really 🙂


News: Scotland to make “All the right moves” …

September 28, 2007 3 comments

Hmmm…… ambitious indeed…..

T20 championship, 15 players on part time contracts, $50,000 per year for the domestic game, increasing playing numbers by 20% (which in their case is about 4K out of 20K), 700 new coaches, improvement of facilities…..

Nice…… now lets see if they can actually do it……

Additionally, they have made another move, which I mentioned while thinking out loud a year or 2 back on this blog. They are going to have the Scottish U19 participate in the Premier league in Scotland. The U19s will have a very tough go in those games, playing against older players who are more experienced and physically stronger. It is a great way for a country to expose thier U19 players to tougher cricket. My point, which was essentially mentioned only as a wild idea, was to not only have this, but also have the U15 national team playing in the u19 domestic league, and the U13 playing in the U15 domestic league.

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News: Scotland to start off regional academies…

September 27, 2007 4 comments

Looks like the SportScotland grant is being put to good use. Scotland has become one of the few associates to have at least a functional network of academies in place. Kenya also has one, but I am not sure what the state is of that. Tanzania also has one (Mumbhili Academy).

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News: Kenya bt Bang, Zim beat Sco in t20 warm ups….

September 9, 2007 1 comment

Interesting that Kenya beat Bangladesh after the disasterous tournament at home in which they lost to both Uganda and Bangladesh. This was a decent victory as well, by 6 wkts. There was only 1 ball left though, but Kenya would be happy at the fact that they dismissed Bangladesh in 16.3 overs. This was the full Bangladesh team I think, they werent resting anyone.

On the other hand, Zim also went past Sco with relative ease, though not a one sided competition.

It should be noted that Bangladesh beat Sco a couple of days ago with ease.

News: Malaysia not second best in ACC U19?

August 25, 2007 51 comments

I am jumping the gun, but the 2 semi finals have been decided in the ACC U19. It is Malaysia v Nepal, and Afghanista v UAE. The match ups are courtesy of Afghanistan’s upset victory over Malaysia on the opening day of the tournament.

Now lets say Afghanistan and Nepal make it to the finals, then Malaysia would still get qualification while one of the others would get left behind. While this is unfair, I am still ok with the fact that Malaysia being the hosts of the U19 WC should be featuring their team. What I am not ok with is that the fact that one of Nepal or Afghanistan may be left out, while Bermuda and PNG have made it through to the World Cup. I would think the standard difference is just too much in that case, and there should be a second shot for the losing ACC team by playing Bermuda or PNG.

Additionally, the funny thing is that Scotland will have a go at the qualifying ACC team. Why has that special consideration being made?

News: Majid Haq cannot play for Scotland vs Ireland because…

August 7, 2007 4 comments

This is quite funny, so I will just quote

“Of all the explanations for pulling out, Haq’s was the most bizarre. “I’m really disappointed because I was looking forward to playing Ireland again, with all their left-handers,” said the off-spinner. “But my Dad runs a takeaway in Paisley and I have to help out this weekend because my mum and brother are both away in Pakistan, one of our chefs is unavailable and our delivery driver has gone to jail for three weeks.”


I think ICC needs to have an intercontinental game abandoned due to work commitments of players for the point to be kicked in the their heads…….

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News: Scotland romp to victory against Netherlands…

August 5, 2007 1 comment

An innings defeat….

Netherlands lost this game basically due to their bowling, which was a lot weaker than before due to the absense of Schiferli, Jonkman, Stelling and Reekers……. However a similar weakend Netherlands team beat Canada quite convincingly a month ago. So its all getting jumbled up….. Buurman, who we have consistently been saying should be in the team instead of Smits, was finally given the oppurtunity, but he messed it up, and ended up giving a Smits like tail ender performance.

Scotland had their full team at their disposal. Looks like they are getting serious for the 20 2o world cup and also the India ODI.

After the previous ODIs so far this summer, and the rain and the abandoned games, I am not looking forward to this one as much as before. But it should be good for Scotland Cricket to make some money.

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