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Two years on…

December 31, 2007 5 comments

Dear Readers, 

Its been 2 years since this blog was started in Dec 2005. I should probably have written this article on 9th Dec, but I got caught up in other things.

This blog has so far been read 80,913 times, with 2743 comments. There are a total of 354 posts.

In Dec 2006, the blog had been read 32500 times, with 1500 comments. There were a total of 250 blog posts.

So the actual delta for 2007 is 48413 times read, 1243 comments, and 104 blog posts.

My biggest problem this year has been …. interestingly, the same that associate countries also have :). The fact that since I am not a professional writer, the site goes into a hiatus once the work gets hectic. This has primarily been the reason why the number of posts this year has not been the same as last year, infact it has been less than half the number.

But there have been more comments per post, for which the readers like you have to be thanked. It has kept the site alive during periods when the content was not coming forth.

The year overall has been one of extremes. Ireland beating Pakistan and Bangladesh, Scotland losing to WI on the penultimate ball, Bangladesh beating SA and India, Zimbabwe beating Aus in 20 20 WC, Oman making it through to ICC Trophy, Uganda and Denmark beating Bermuda, Bermuda getting a viewership of 1 billion people in a group match at the WC….. the list goes on. Many of the themese from the previous year were equally present this year as well. Lack of playing numbers, ICC funding, expats, playing calender etc.

Hopefully the next year will be better, both for this blog and also for associate world of cricket.

Nasir M. Khan

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A year on

December 11, 2006 8 comments

Dear Readers,

It was exactly a year ago that I started this blog. The main purpose being to have a forum where associate cricket, and the development and spread of cricket could be discussed. I used to post on these topics here and there on other forums, but quickly realized that since none of the others was specifically dedicated to Cricket development, it was not getting the due share, and it would get bogged down under Test Cricket news. Secondly, everyone has a different opinion on what is important and what is not important as far as the development of cricket or any other sport is concerned, and it was required that I have my own space, and similarly, get in touch with others who share a similar (not the same!) point of view.

During the year, some interesting things happenned. Cricket Europe expanded to become an HPP/associate country website instead of one specifically for Europe. Another blog was set up for associate cricket at Beyond the Boundary, and the ICC managed to give a calender to the HPP countries, giving associate cricket something more to talk about. Both the Bermuda and Kenya cricket boards set up their own websites, but they left a lot to be desired. Nepal got a ranking of 9 in the U19 World Cup, and Afghanistan started featuring prominantly on the cricket development map for the first time.

Since this is not a professional setup (it is essentially just my hobby) writing regularly has been a problem, and there are also days when there is nothing to write!. Still, the blog has managed 32,500 visits in the first year, which I am quite happy about, especially given that I am usually not breaking any new news, and neither am I covering cricket live; this has basically been an opinion/analysis based blog so far. In addition to that, I am quite happy with the interaction with others. On the 250 blog postings for the year, which averages to about 2 postings per 3 days, I have had 1500 comments from others, and sometimes they were longer in content that feature articales. I would like to thank all who have been participating in the process.

Hopefully the next year will be better, since there is no ramp up period.

Nasir M. Khan

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